Water Softeners to Drinking Water Systems

Culligan has been improving your water in Olathe, KS and north east Kansas for over 75 years now. Only Culligan has the expertise to treat all water problems with the highest quality with the most technologically advanced water treatment systems available.

Culligan also specializes in bottled water delivery, bottleless water coolers and highly advanced drinking water systems. Water treatment is unique from other services and products because the company backing up your water treatment systems is generally more important than the water treatment systems themselves. Culligan is truly unique in both regards because there is no other water treatment company in Olathe that has been in business as long as Culligan and nobody else has the most advanced water treatment systems available as Culligan.

Water treatment is not a one size fits all application. This is why plumbers are not qualified to treat water problems with precision because generally they only have parts for water treatment systems available. And if this plumber goes out of business what good is the warranty or promise of support if nobody is there to fix or maintain it? Culligan has over 400 stores nationwide and in in over 26 different countries. Culligan is by far the world’s largest water treatment company and more than qualified to treat any water problem or application you have.