Water Impurities And Drinking Water

FRI 5/20/2016

Water pollution and contamination has been a very real and current topic in today’s news. Every city and municipality is regulated by “acceptable” levels of contaminants for a variety of water impurities such as lead, chloramines and hundreds of other chemicals. While these agencies generally do a fine job of meeting these standards there are thousands of people who want assurance that their water source will always be above standards.

At this point in time we really don’t know the long term effects of chemicals (aside from lead) in our drinking water. So what do you do? The answer is simple. Get a high quality reverse osmosis drinking water system by Culligan. Culligan is one of the largest, most well respected water purification companies found in almost every city in the US. A Reverse Osmosis drinking water system by Culligan is your last line of defense against water impurities. You have insurance for you home and car, who not do the same for your drinking water? And aside from the healthy aspect of clean water, don’t forget a Culligan drinking water system also makes your water taste so much better! Coffee, tea, juice and just plain water itself truly tastes so much better than tap water. Don’t be surprised when you get a Culligan drinking water system how your kids will now reach for the Culligan spout instead of some type of sugary beverage or soda.

So what’s next?

  1. 1. We can provide you with a local city water report of exactly what is in your water.
  2. 2. We install a Culligan reverse osmosis drinking water system.  We have 2 different models with different features.  We also sell and rent these water systems.
  3. 3. For a small cost we can then send your filtered water sample to a Culligan lab to see just how much impurities have been lowered.
  4. 4. And if a drinking water system is not an option please remember we also provide delivered bottled water at your home or office

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