» Hydrazon Touch Free 15 Fizz

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Weight & Size

Net weight max 55.8 lb

Gross weight max 59.5 lb

Dimensions WxDxH  13.83 x 16.39 x 44.07 in

Packaging dimensions15.7 x 17.1 x 45.5 in



Optional Additions
Built-in cup dispenser
Extra space for CO2 cylinder up to 13.2 lb

Cooling capacity

4 gal/h

Max continuos supply (gal)

0.5 gal/h

Cold water temperature*

41 – 53.6 °F


Professional membrane carbonation pump

Cooling technology

Blupura Direct Chill

Cooling tank 

0.75 gal


Forced ventilation

Dispensing options

Dispenses cold still water, cold sparkling water and room temperature water (mod. Fizz) or cold still water and room temperature water.

Nano silver pipe at the dispensing point as a standard Nano silver protection on the surface.

Space for CO2 cylinder up to 3.3 lb

* rated at a room temp. of 77 °F and inlet water temp. of 68 °F


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